About the Artist

Posy (Rosemary Margaret) Bennett

Posy is an emerging Canadian artist living in Kanata, Ontario. She earned her advanced diploma in Mechanical Engineering Technology at Algonquin College, while raising her son as a single mother in Renfrew, Ontario. Posy is a self-taught artist, who paints both landscapes and fluid art designs as well as producing a melange of obects d’art such as miniature dioramas, functional art and unique crocheted creations.

Artist Statement

Being creative is my therapy.

I find my happy, calm place in the process of creating something beautiful.  Based on my own whims, I experiment and play, moving from one medium to the next and back again.

My landscape paintings are creations of images that aspire to soothe the soul and wrap the viewer in warmth and light.
For my fluid art, I choose colours and movement that match my mood and aim to evoke interest in interpretation.

With my functional art and mélange of crocheted works, it brings me joy to inject the good energy I feel in the the patient process of creating something useful for others.

In my miniature work, it gives me great satisfaction to use my knowledge of multiple mediums and challenge myself to figure out how to recreate something miniscule.

I am on full time disability, managing severe, treatment resistant depression and social anxiety. Being creative is my outlet. It is my hobby. It is my life.

Welcome to my Peace of Mind.

“Without art, the crudeness of reality would make the world unbearable”

– George Bernard Shaw