Putting Myself Out There

I’ve been creating in one way or another for years now. Playing and experimenting with paint, different techniques, crafts, builds, all the things. As a person managing depression and anxiety it has all been my therapy and my happy place. I create; showing a select few the work I’ve done and then I squirrel it away in a corner of my house and it piles up. Well, enough is enough I guess and it’s time to finally do the thing I’ve been dreading… put myself out there!

Art Fair at the Renfrew Art Factory

First of all, thank you to the Renfrew Art Factory! I participated in my very first art fair there at the end of July and finally showed off some of my stuff. Patrick did an amazing job of assembling so many talented artists and I was able to visit most of them and take in some fantastic art. And thank you to everyone that came to visit me; I was completely blown away by the feedback and energy I received from all!

OMGah I made a website!

After years of agonizing over the idea of sharing my artwork with the world, here it is. It’s just the beginnings and I feel like what is here today is such a small percentage of the pieces that are crammed in all of the corners of my home, and out there in the world.
I’ve been afraid, and still am, that once my work is out there that the pressure to provide works will outweigh the pleasure I get from creating them. But here goes nothing!

My depression, energy levels, and anxiety, although at this point are fairly well managed, they’re still only managed by the balance I’ve created within my routines. My “normal” is not everyone’s “normal”

It’s taken longer than I wanted, to get this thing up and running, and my brain might have exploded a time or two, but it’s done, or at least the beginnings of it are.

Moving Forward

I plan to do a few posts on some (hopefully) interesting things I’ve done or worked on in the last few years. Whether it be miniature work, or playing with crochet, or building an infinity cube from scratch. I’ve got loads of pictures of everything and I just haven’t made any good records of it.

I hope to do a somewhat regular update on whatever things I’m currently working on or playing with.
Ideally, the site is to eventually have a larger gallery of existing work to share as well as make more of the work that I have, available. I’m undecided yet as to whether a full ecommerce system will be added, I feel like that implies that I’ll have plenty of stock to supply and …pressure? At any rate, I’m considering it.

A Sneak Peek at Some of the Other Stuff!

Thank you so much for visiting and making it this far! Let me know what you think? What would you like to see and know about?

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